Our Unique Blend

Not all Glycolic Acids are created the same. With 26 years of history and tens thousands of happy consumers and professionals, we have perfected the right blend that is right for your skin.

  • Viscosity – We calibrate the right amount of “wateriness” such that our acid is thick enough that it does not leak onto your body but thin enough to be easily spread with cotton.
  • Wide of Range of Acid – We supply 15% (gentle strength ultra-light), 30% (light), 40% (medium), and 60% (high) acid. We give you a pathway for finding the right acid strength for you.
  • Tailor-made Peel accessories – You never put acid alone on your body part. We have created pre-peel pH-Balancing Prep Solution and Post-Peel neutralizer for our acids. In addition, we gave you Chiffon Cream with Hyaluronic acid which remains 100x more moisture on your skin.

    Paired with Daily Cleanse/Tone Kit – You know weekly peel is necessary but not sufficient. You can find your own daily cleanser and toner. Or we have packaged a kit appropriate for your skin type. It is designed to enhance our weekly skin peel kit.

    Our Skin Peel Systems

    We have packaged our acids, pH-Balancing Prep Solution, and Neutralizer, and Chiffon Cream into a Weekly Skin Peel System for each of our different acids and for Acne/Oily Skin, Normal/Dry/Sensitive Skin, and Pregnancy Skin.

    In addition, we also combined our Weekly Skin Peel System and Daily Cleanser/Toner kit to create 30Glycolic® Complete Skin Peel System. We believe this is our most complete and comprehensive solution for your skin rejuvenation.

    Your Savings

    30Glycolic(R) Complete Skin Peel System offers a complete solution for weekly and daily skincare. You save 49% from buying products individually.

    $7.52/weekly treatment 
(compared to a $300 Dermatologist visit or a $120 spa treatment)

    $800 in saving compared to spa visits and $2200 in savings compared to dermatologist treatment