How to Change your Skin Care Regime

In most cases, shocking your skin by stopping one skin care regime and starting your new products will cause a few days of destabilization. Especially if you having been using alcohol on your skin. By weaning your skin slowly from one habit to the new process, you can alleviate some shock symptoms.

Week #1: Use your new products every other day for the first week and maintain your regular routine on the alternate days.

Week #2-3: During the second week use the new products for two days and your previous routine for one day; alternate this process until the beginning of the fourth week.

Week #4-5: Use pHBeautiful products for three days on, one day off.

Week #6+: Your skin should be in balance and you will be using pHBeautiful products daily.

During your phasing-in process, you will discover that you are using FAR LESS pHBeautiful products than your old products! This will save you money!


Learn to listen to the signals your skin gives you. If you do this, you can modify your skin care regime to suit your individual needs and achieve great results!

Use the Calendar as a Skin Care Guide

Dry skin needs different moisturizers at various times of the year. Royal Alpha Balance is perfect for daily use - morning and night - for dry skin in humid conditions and in the summertime when your natural oil production is higher than normal. Also, use Royal Alpha Balance on your T-Zone and Chiffon Cream on the rest of your face. You don't have to use just one moisturizer. You know your skin best. You know what works for you. The general rule is - use a alpha hydroxy acid product wherever you feel your skin produces the most oil (sebum) or where your sweat glands work most. Use the Chiffon Cream in your drier areas. This combination of products will revolutionize your skin care results! Note: Chiffon Cream is great for your hands!

Royal Alpha Balance is an exceptional moisturizing cream that utilizes the finest healing processes found in nature to improve the texture, appearance and elasticity of your delicate neck and facial skin. Contains Glycolic Acid, a PABA-free sunscreen (SPF 15), and pure liquid Royal Jelly. Royal Jelly is documented as a powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent's that occurs in nature. Studies of Royal Jelly have proved that it enhances cellular rejuvenation. Royal Alpha Balance will help your skin repair the ravages of sun, harsh chemical use and other skin problems.

Follow these skin care tips and you will minimize the shock to your skin when changing treatments. Using the calendar is a good way to keep track of your skin care treatments