30 Day Guarantee: 

You will see visibly obvious improvements towards clear, beautiful, acne-free, smoother skin, acne scar-Free skin in 30 Days or less, assuming you perform glycolic skin peel once a week with 30Glycolic(R) products with 30% or 40% Glycolic acid. If you are using 15% acid, due to the gentle nature of the acid, we expect the skin renewal process to take twice as long. As always individual results may vary.

90 Day Guarantee:

In addition, we guarantee that within 90 days, assuming weekly Glycolic Skin Peels, you will have completely new rejuvenated younger smoother healthier skin. As always individual results may vary.

100 Day Guarantee for Subscription Customers - 60 Day Guarantee for Non-Subscription Customers.

This 100 day guarantee is ONLY available to our subscription customers. Non subscription customers have 60 day money-back guarantee. Days are accounted starting from the day of delivery from our warehouse.

If you do not achieve a reduction of your acne, acne scars, dry skin, melasma, if you do not have smoother skin with better and even skin texture and skin tone, you may return your first kit (non-professional kit only) to us WITHIN 100 days (or roughly 3+ months) OF YOUR PURCHASE for a full refund (minus shipping costs). How can we make this incredible guarantee? We know our product works!  

Armed with 28 years of history of happy customers, we are so confident in offering our customers an UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on their first kit. So you can buy 30Glycolic(R) products with confidence and in the unlikely event that the system does not work for you, take comfort that we will refund your money.  Just return the bottles, even used, and we will refund your money.

Additionally, we will gladly accept returns of any unopened orders within 30 days of delivery..


1) Refund is ONLY available for your first order of with us.  We do NOT refund 2nd order and onwards. This applies to both individual orders or subscription orders.

2) We CANNOT cancel your subscription via email or text. Please cancel on our website.

3) We do NOT offer refund for professional orders which includes 100% of our pro-series products. We ONLY offer refunds for non-professional orders.


If you require a refund, the procedure is EASY. Just return the bottles of our products, even used, and we will refund you minus the cost of shipping and handling which is usually $9.95 in US and $19.95 in Canada for the moment. Specific amount of cost for shipping and handling depends on weight and distance and it will be different (and much larger) especially in the case of large size order or international order.  We will return your money within 30 days from processing the returned product.

However, if our products is more than half-used, then you are only entitled to 50% of the total amount in refund. 

If our products are near 100% used, then we reserve the rights not to issue a refund as we should consider this as a case of fraud.

Make sure you get your RMA number here.


All purchasing methods are 100% secure. We never sell email addresses or postal addresses to 3rd parties. We value your privacy.


All packaging is 100% discreet and contains no mention of the contents. Your privacy is assured.