Glycolic Skincare In-Depth

Studies at Harvard University have proved that one of the first things a person notices is the texture of your skin. The best and direct way to change your image is to improve your skin through proper skin care.  In this section, we delve deeply into how your skin functions, and how

Oily & Acne Skin care

 It is much more difficult to heal oily skin than anyone would care to admit. Our products for oily skin were designed to be both oil-absorbing and gentle to the skin. The ingredients in our products are considered by medical research experts and dermatologists to be soothing, cleansing or antiseptic for oily skin. They are also considered to be ingredients that do not cause blackheads. All of our products are scientifically designed to work in harmony to balance your skin so that you achieve your best complexion.

Dry & Sensitive Skin care

People with dry skin usually attempt to counter the effects by using more or heavier moisturizers. The result ironically can lead to more whiteheads, blackheads, and under-the-surface bumps appear. Now, in order to address these unsightly skin blemishes individuals try to dry out the skin. This begins a vicious cycle that keeps the skin unbalanced and sensitive.