Our celebrity stylist Kym transforms her look in 3 Weeks


I have used the product 2 times and have noticed an improvement already. Easy to use and the bottle with the droppers are great. Love the product. Will order again. Thank you.

Tracy Sauve, May 16, 2018

Love it!

This is better to use than the 60 % i purchased years before. I can now use this a couple of times a week. It gives me softer skin and the skin is better than ever. I had scars after acne,They are almost gone and the redness in the skin looks healthier. I can now go out without make up on,i have used concealer and powder for almost 30 years. I wish i had taken pictures before and after to show of the results. Thank you so much.

Monica Bondeson, Vinterbro, Norway, May 14, 2018


This product really works so glad I got these products have seen a big change in my skin and have only done 6 peels in total so hope to keep seeing great results!!! Great customer service and super fast shipping!!! I started with the 40% and then went to 60% so would start at 40% not 30% dont think 30% would be strong enough....

Karen, May 14, 2018

Does its job!!

Can’t tell you how much money I’ve spent on expensive face products. I told myself this would be the last expensive thing I would try-and I’m very glad I did! I use dove soap to wash my face nightly with an intense hydration lotion. And then I use this once a week, sometimes a little less if my face is still drying up from the last peel. It definitely does its job! If you follow the instructions they send you with your kit, you’ll be satisfied with the results!

Natalie Lawson, May 1, 2018

Love this stuff!! I’ve used it 4 times in 4 weeks and it’s fading my acne scars and smoothing out any texture I had.

Madison Guidie, April 17, 2018


I use to pay $240 a month to have this peel at a dermatologist’s office. I get just as good, if not better, results from these products (60% all skin types). I use it once a week for 4 minutes of 4 layers each.

Lynda Dziubla Facco, April 1, 2018

30% Glycolic acid peel

Me encanta ya mi rostro se ve mejor. Ya esta minimizando los poros y luce mas brillosa. Mi piel es Sensitiva y no he tenido problemas.

Awilda Cruz Gonzalez, March 28, 2018 

30% Glycolic acid peel

I've used this peel twice (once a week)... I have sensitive skin, but have had no issues or irritation while using the product. In just 2 treatments I noticed I had a lot less blackheads around and in my nose. Left my skin very soft and brighter, less dull. I bought the product for acne scarring and uneven texture. I plan to move up to the 40% once I finish my current order. So far, I'm happy with the results I've seen with just 2 treatments.

Michelle Hammock, March 22, 2018

My daughter has recently hit the teen years. Of course, you all know what that means, right? Zits!! Haven't we all been there? So I jumped at the opportunity to review the pH Beautiful Mint WOW Skin Care Kit, and my daughter couldn't be more thrilled with the results.

Check out the before & after pics:

There is no denying those results!

The proof in the pictures really speaks for itself. pH Beautiful works and it works fast! I recommend this product to anyone looking for clearer, smoother, prettier skin - quick!" 

Melissa A. - From Melissa's Desk blog

 "We have been to dermatologists, we have tried MANY prescription strength and non-prescription strength remedies. None have worked. One regimen that the dermatologist prescribed helped slightly, not a lot and as soon as she missed a day or stop for a while it was back with vengeance. Now, in comes 30Glycolic. She has used it for 3 weeks and the difference is already amazing. It has worked FAR better than anything else we have tried.and that is A LOT. It has boosted her self-confidence immensely. She is so excited because next week is Prom and her face is almost clear. She uses the acid peel once a week and the cleaner/toner/moisturizer daily. It has been such a blessing for her... For me, I tend to deny the fact that I have laugh lines or crows feet or sun damage. I just have not wanted to face those issues. But, after I used the 30Glycolic, the difference shows. I look younger and my skin just FEELS better than it has in years. It is smooth and soft. Wrinkles and Lines are diminished. And well, it makes me feel better too. Cause you know me, my head says I am a spry 20 year old. My body and the mirror reflect reality. I like my head so much better! Now, my skin reflects how I feel."

J. Nipper | The Post-It Place blog, March 6, 2009

"I am emailing to let you know I am very happy w/ the 30% Glycolic Acid kit I ordered. I spoke w/you on the phone prior to ordering re: putting acid on my face..you were very helpful, professional & informative: the tightly wrapped kit was sent within days..the instructions/schedule were very detailed & easy to follow. I am continuing to use the 30% Glycolic every week & am happy w/results; my skin is very soft & supple & has never peeled. I absolutely love the Chiffon Cream! It blends perfectly into my skin & leaves it feeling very clean, moisturized & hydrated... Thanks again."

J. Cherry Memphis | TN

"Your 40% glycolic acid strength is a dream come true. Fast, effective and affordable. All in the comfort and safety of my home! I LOVE IT!"

Susan T. | Youngstown, OH

"I am 61 years old and am very pleased I found your products. I have been using the 40% Glycolic Acid for over two months now...I must tell you my skin has a new glow! I have lost the ruddy, dry skin that always looked so dull! Also... your moisturizers have made my skin very soft and look fresher. They are wonderful! I ordered the Pink WOW Kit and I truly thank you!"

D. Edwards | Cocoa Beach, FL

"Hello, I want to tell you that your products are just wonderful. I noticed a difference the first time I used them. Please don't ever stop making them. My skin feels like it can breathe again."

Ingrid Engel | Webster, NY

"Your Royal Chiffon Cream is by far the best moisturizer I have found and I have tried so so many different lines from your typical department stores...lancome, estee, clinique to your better lines like lazlo & dermalogica."

M.O. Carmichael | CA

"What can I say? Your service is remarkable – I got the product today. I did the first peel tonight and the results are exactly as advertised – remarkable. Being a user of Neostrata 15% glycolic acid gel, I thought I knew a bit about this type of product. Your 30% glycolic acid system just blows it away."

D.W. | London

"I found this site on the Internet, called and talked to the owners at the number listed, got started on the basic program, and could not be happier. I am 49 years old, and suddenly my skin started breaking out terribly. I had been to the Day Spa for a $60 facial treatment, tried different remedies, but nothing worked for me UNTIL NOW. After a few days on the daily plan, and ONE glycolic acid peel, I could not believe the difference in the texture of my skin. Since ordering the basic Kit, I have now added the Royal Alpha Balance moisturizer to my daily routine. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"

SH | Mount Vernon, IL

"Hi.... I tried your 30% Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel back in the beginning of March for the first time. I'm 42 years old (male), have taken care of myself and never gave a second thought to my skin. I used your product once a week for three weeks and I noticed my skin looked more youthful. The family and myself went to my parents house on Easter Sunday a few weeks ago. When we arrived, my mother immediately said to me that I looked younger and asked me why. I said "I do?". She said it must be because I work out regularly. No one knows the REAL reason. It's my secret."

P.L. | New Hampshire

 "I purchased your 40% Mint Wow Kit and I love everything!!! The Exfoliator has done wonders for my acne scars. Before finding you guys I was convinced I was going to have to live with them for the rest of my life, because there was no way I could afford to pay a dermatologist."

L.G. | Utah

"30Glycolic has been a true encouragement in a battle to avoid the use of drugs in treating acne. My daughter has struggled for seven years with serious, non-cystic acne, discouraged by the poor results from most programs. Accutane was a tempting solution to perfect skin, as was continual antibiotic use, but the side effects off these methods made me uncomfortable. Long- and short-term health compromises for a quick cure were trades I wanted to avoid."

Joan | Orlando, FL

 "My other daughter and I also use the products, and beginning with a less severe problem, it produces near perfect results.... 30Glycolic products have given that foundation the care needed to build healthy skin. Thank you so much for making these products available!"

Rachel | Tampa, FL

 "This note is to let everyone know about the wonderful line of skin care products this company makes. I had tried everything on my face to clear my skin up and my sister-in-law suggested that I try this product and within two weeks I saw a huge difference in my skin. People compliment me on how young I look now. I just tried their make-up and it is the best on the market. I was paying $27.00 a bottle for Estee Lauder and now can get twice as much for less. Try this product...you will not be sorry."

Patti Arlington | WA

"I have never EVER felt compelled to write about a product before, but I am soooo happy about what the 30% glycolic acid solution has done for my skin. I am almost 47 years old and was seriously considering a mini face lift this summer because the years of sun damage were really making me look haggard. I have been using this product for almost 4 months now and the lines on face have disappeared and my skin is firm again!! I will tell you my skin has NEVER looked this good. I can actually go out with NO foundation and still look great. I also use it on my neck, decollage, and arms. Needless to say, I love this product!!!"

 Elizabeth W. | Ft. Lee, NJ

"I am, female, 43 years old and still dealing with cystic acne, scars, and discoloration. Accutane took care of the awful cysts...BUT I was still left with unhealthy looking skin...extremely oily with dry patches, uneven color, and scars. After spending a few thousand dollars on dermatologists, Rx & OTC meds, and vitamins...your products...the glycolic kit & Mint Facial Cleanser & Moisturizer Kit {Mint WOW Kit} have been a MIRACLE!! Not only does my skin look clearer and more evenly colored... it also looks younger and fresher than my 18 year old daughter's skin. And this is after less than a week of using your products!!! I do not bother to take the time to write testimonials...but if this encourages anyone else out there who has suffered the humiliation that I have, then this is worth the time and effort to send."

Name Withheld by Request

"I found 30Glycolic over the internet in searching for a product to reduce the scars of old breakouts, as well as to prevent new ones. After the first treatment, my daughter noticed her skin being smoother and much less dry than when using other products. She has been using the system (Mint WOW Kit) for 4 months now, and it has markedly reduced her acne problem while leaving her skin completely without the flakiness left by other products. The redness from old breakouts continues to improve, and the overall health of her skin is excellent. Most importantly, she herself feels better about her skin, a true victory."

Name Withheld by Request

"I received my kit...thanks! I had begun using the 30% Glycolic peel three weeks prior to the Daily Maintenance Kit. I was beginning to see results; however, with the addition of the Daily Maintenance, WOW!"

Name Withheld by Request

"I’ve ordered from 30glycolic many times. Ryan is very professional, helpful and friendly. I absolutely adore their Chiffon Cream! Have just purchased the 60% glycolic kit."

Kathryne, March 8, 2013

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