We recommend our 10% Glycolic Acid, "Rejuvenist Cream" if you are new to skin peel. It is a nice introductory to see how our skin will react to glycolic acid. 10% is very light acid and since it is in a leave-on cream based, so it can be applied more frequently. You can also use Rejuvenist Cream in between 30%, 40% or 60% skin peel treatments for light exfoliation.

If you are familiar with skin peel, for your 1st acid peel treatment we recommend 30%.

If you have oily skin or are pregnant, 40% is most likely to be OK. If you have thick skin, then 40% is also OK.

The use of 60% acid is NOT recommended unless you are experienced in using 30% or 40%.

You can change your acid level for your product subscription as you will.

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