Weekend Shipping and Handling

Any product ordered after 3pm Friday won't be shipped until Monday morning. The only exception is that holiday season where product ordered after 3pm Saturday won't be shipped until Monday morning.

PO Box Shipping and Handling

If you intend to use 1 day, 2 day, or 3 day express shipping,  please do NOT  using PO Box as your address since we cannot deliver them with accurate time frame.

Free Shipping:

Our products are mostly packaged in clear or frosted glass. They are heavy and expensive to ship (and gorgeous to hold).  But we still endeavor to give you FREE SHIPPING when we are able.

  1. Free Shipping for Purchase over $50 in US 

International Shipping: 

  1. S&H is tiered based on weight of the package. Please checkout to find out the exact amount.

To Redeem Coupon: 

  1. Click on "Checkout" first
  2. Look for the box that says "Discount" on the upper right corner
  3. Enter coupon code into the "Discount" box

Coupon Does NOT apply to Subscriptions:

  1. Coupon will NOT apply to subscriptions since they are already discounted.