All skin types run the risk of bacterial infections.

Another major factor that is rarely considered is the risk or presence of bacterial and/or fungal infections. Skin care experts and studies support the fact that most skin problems stem from infections from dermabrasions and from bacterial and fungal presence. Many specialists actually say this is the primary problem when dealing with acne-prone skin.

Your skin can easily become the target for infection. One easy way to cause infection is the use of contaminated products. Contamination of skin care products with bacteria and/or fungus is the leading cause of skin irritation and breakouts. This is primarily caused when the product comes in contact unclean hands or other unsanitary objects. Before you dip your hands into your jars - think twice. Have you thoroughly cleaned your fingers - especially under the nails? If not - don't touch! Bacteria can quickly grow in many products. Unfortunately you will never see whether the product is contaminated until a mold is growing in the jar. This it is too late for your skin. Skin problems occur when these products are in turn used on the face and body.

Small dermabrasion should be sanitized thoroughly to avoid infections. we recognize this problem and address it by using pumps on all products wherever the consistency allows. For all other products, we recommend using a clean spatula when dipping into the jars. All of our skin care products have ingredients that will help deal with the effects and consequences of bacterial and fungal presence and contamination.