Generally No! Most people tolerate glycolic acid with little to no problems. Again, glycolic acid is a much more mild chemical compared to TCA or Phenol which penetrate very deeply into the skin. Glycolic acid only penetrates the upper layers of skin. That's why it can be performed at home with care.
If you are new to a glycolic acid peel, here’s a few recommendations:
  • Always do a skin patch test.
  • Never apply to broken skin or to skin that has recently been manually exfoliated, scrubbed, sunburned, shaved or waxed.
  • For any skin care issues, we always recommend an evaluation by a skin care specialist.
  • Simply telephone your skin care specialist and ask them if your skin is a good candidate for the 30%, 40%, or 60% Glycolic Exfoliating Kit. 99% of the time the answer is a resounding 'YES!'.
Most skin types (even the driest and most sensitive) tolerate the 30% - 50% Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel very well indeed. The 60% is for people very familiar and accustomed to chemical peels. It is generally used for moderate acne cases, but is very good for elbows, knees, and rough feet. See and feel the difference!

If you have never tried a glycolic acid peel, you may wish to consult beauty professional or dermatologist.