We recommend using our Glycolic Exfoliator according to the provided directions. To view the directions for our Exfoliating kits, click over to our Exfoliating Kit product page .. Also, use the Royal Alpha Balance daily (or every two days) for ongoing skin care and maintenance.

The Benefits of Oily Skin

Studies show that oily skin tends to age better than dry skin. It usually has less wrinkles per square inch than dry skin of the same age. Also, the problems associated with dry skin are often more difficult to deal with than with an oily skin type. Oily skin rarely looks chalky. It usually looks healthy and vibrant. Foundation tends to look better after a few hours on oily skin. Foundation often has a 'pancake' look or disappears on dry skin after a few hours.

Stay Away from Alcohol-based Products!

The most common destabilizing factor for oily skin is the use of drying alcohol or camphor. In fact, many preparations for oily skin contains these ingredients. Short-term they may dry the area and therefore get rid of surface blemishes but long-term they cause problems and destabilize the skin's delicate balance. ESPECIALLY at fault are the toners and astringents on the marketplace because of the irritation they cause. Skin care products that claim to be designed for oily skin types usually contain irritating ingredients that are more harmful than helpful.

Many experts in skin care believe that alcohol toners are not only ineffective, but are actually detrimental to the skin. They are right, not because fresheners/toners should not be used; but that the type of alcohol or chemicals in the toners are damaging! Fresheners/toners are using to remove residue after cleansing. They definitely are beneficial when used properly and when they contain the proper ingredients for the person's skin type.

Skin exfoliation is important for people with oily skin to prevent the clogging of pores, which may cause acne.