To one extent or another, we all have sensitive skin. At some time we will experience some form of reaction to an irritant. These reactions can be avoided for the most part. Avoidance can be achieved if you use products that enhance your appearance and do not contain the vast number of irritants found in the cosmetic marketplace.

The most important ingredient to avoid is any form of fragrance. 30glycolic(R) Skin Care does not contain any artificial fragrances or perfumes. We feel that skin care products should be as pure and gentle as possible. Fragrances and perfumes usually contain irritants that cause sensitivities or allergic reactions when applied to delicate facial skin.
You should also check your beauty products for the following irritating ingredients:

  • Alcohol, Adenosine Triphosphate, Algae Extract, Animal Tissue Extract, Neural Lipid Extract, Epidermal Tissue Extract, Serum Albumin, Serum Protein, Spleen Extract, Tissue Matrix Extract.
Particularly AVOID... PABA (a common sunscreen), lanolin, and urea.