One of the biggest problems for dry skin is that it tends to look flaky, chalky or dull. This is because dry skin does not exfoliate itself well. Due to its tendency to produce very little sebum, the cellular 'glue' that binds the skin together does not naturally break down quickly in dry skin. 

In fact, it tends to solidify and 'stick' to the skin's surface for longer than normal. The result is patches of stubborn 'glued-on' skin cells. Many people resort to manual exfoliating and scrubs. This often is too harsh for dry skin and sensitivity is the overall result. Sometimes when exfoliation is not done, the patches stick for so long that the surface skin hardens and cracks. Over time, these cracks go deeper and deeper into the dermis, causing permanent scarring. This is a vicious cycle that can be avoided with proper skin care.

Optimum cleansing occurs when the skin's delicate moisture balance is retained. Our 
Glycolic Acid Pink Cleanser is a highly sophisticated EMOLLIENT (mixture of oil and water). Balanced skin is coated with a natural mixture of oils and water. The Pink Cleanser can remove your skin's surface debris without stripping it of its natural moisture balance.

After cleansing, it is important to protect the freshly cleansed skin from infections and bacteria growth. Our balancing toner is designed to rid of excess oil and bacteria that can lead to growth of blemishes. Note: Do NOT "freshen" your skin more than twice! You do not want to strip the skin's natural balance.