30Glycolic® is now under the management of pHBeautiful.  We thank you for your visit and for years of support. 

We commit to you the improved product quality and customer service under the management of Ryan Armstrong and 30Glycolic.com.

Specifically, we made the following changes

1) Our new acid got rid of paraben as a preservative

2) The latest studies have shown that extended exposure to Glycolic Acid is beneficial to your skin.  So we have reduced the strength of the acid and updated the instruction such that you can now expose to the acid for twice as long.  Thus you can get a much better peel than before.

However, in extreme cases if you have sensitive skin, you may be allergic to our acid. So please redo your spot test to check your allergy level. 

In addition, if you have prep solutions or post peel neutralizers from the old products, these old products do expire and may not work with the current acid.

Going forward, we will bring you both existing and additional products of the highest quality under both 30Glycolic brand and other curated brands for your skin care needs.

Unlike 30Glycolic, we are selling product in 2oz sizes in addition to 8oz size. If you are looking for products in original 30Glycolic size, make sure that you check out our "Pro-Series".

We look forward to serving you!

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Thank you!  


pHBeautiful Management


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